The Totally Disgusting Book of Gruesome Facts

The Totally Disgusting Book of Gruesome Facts

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Get ready to dive into the world of the utterly repulsive with The Totally Disgusting Book of Gruesome Facts. This engaging book is a treasure trove of revolting and fascinating information, packed with facts and photos that showcase everything icky, from the slimiest creatures on Earth to the most nauseating parts of the human body. Delight in the most gloriously gory and gut-churning details as you explore topics that will both intrigue and challenge your stomach's fortitude.

With its top-class photographic content, this fact-filled book brings you up close and personal with an array of astonishing and disgusting things. Ever wondered what causes the cheesy smell of vomit or how much snot you unknowingly swallow each year? Prepare to be both amazed and horrified by the hundreds of filthy facts within these pages, including poop-slinging hippos, slime-oozing hagfish, and the vast number of bacteria crawling on your hands right now. Can you handle the gruesome truth?

Key Features:
  • Explore the Realm of the Revolting: Immerse yourself in a world of astonishing yet unsettling facts that balance fascination and revulsion.
  • Photographic Excellence: Traverse the pages filled with top-class photographs that grant you intimate access to a diverse range of astonishing and repulsive subjects.
  • Uncover the Unpleasant: Embark on an exploration of everything gross, ranging from the slimiest denizens of the animal kingdom to the most repugnant elements of human anatomy.
  • Engaging and Challenging: Engage with a fact book that is both visually engaging and mentally stimulating, pushing the boundaries of your tolerance for all things disgusting.
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