Book Fair Events

Partner with Paper June to raise funds with a fraction of the effort and time.

Book fairs can be stressful + time-consuming.

X No control over what is provided.
X No assistance with unboxing + set up.
X Manually tabulate sales.
X Collection + payment of retail sales tax.
X No assistance with boxing, clean-up and return of unsold merchandise.

It doesn’t have to be that way!
Paper June book fairs offer a simpler, smarter way to raise money + spread the joy of books. 

  • We deliver the books + set up the fair.

  • We provide POS + cashbox. 

  • We collect (+ pay) the retail sales tax.

  • We can offer a variety of books from ALL major publishers.

  • We can customize the offerings based on your needs + wants.

  • We box up + remove the unsold books. 

  • If requested, we can bring popular non-book items like book lights, sensory manipulatives, art + craft supplies, puzzles and more.

  • Paper June offers two options for book fairs - one day pop-ups or up to one week

On-Site Events

Paper June will bring books and/or additional merchandise to your facility for the book fair. This type of event typically lasts one day to one week. 

Prior to the event, Paper June will provide marketing collateral such as digital flyers, social media graphics and email graphics. Your staff will have an opportunity to complete a wishlist so families or community members can purchase items for your team. 

Paper June will set up the book fair and provide training on the intuitive point of sale software. An iPad, scanner and cash box will be on loan to you during the event. The school will be responsible for providing petty cash to make make change. The Paper June team will be available as a resource during the event. At the end of the book fair, we’ll pick up the remaining inventory and calculate your earnings.

You will be responsible for providing a secure space and staffing and supervising the book fair. We will provide some promotional materials, but you will be responsible for promoting the event. The more you do to encourage people to shop at the book fair, the higher your profits will be! 

Click Here to schedule an on-site event.

If you'd like to chat with Angie about the Paper June book fairs, please email 


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