Pokemon Ash's Atlas

Pokemon Ash's Atlas

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Join Ash on a journey through the Pokémon world, meeting new friends and Pokémon along the way! 

Travel eight regions of the Pokémon World like never before: uncover hidden villages in Kanto region, see the great lakes of the Johto region, island-hop in the Hoenn region, join fun festivals in Sinnoh region, tour the Unova region’s vibrant cities, explore Kalos region’s  historic castles, surf the tropical Alola region’s waves, and try tasty Galar region foods. 

Discover over 100 locations. Visit exciting must-see sights. Find out who’s who. Check out reviews and what to pack– and of course, meet the amazing variety of Pokémon.  

With Ash as your guide, Pokémon Ash’s Atlas is packed with facts and top tips for the ultimate Pokémon journey.
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