Butt or Face? Vol. 2 Revenge of the Butts

Butt or Face? Vol. 2 Revenge of the Butts

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Are you ready for round two of Butt or Face? Using a cheeky guessing game format, BUTT OR FACE 2 brings even more fascinating animal facts in this fun nonfiction picture book in a playful, engaging way. 

In this second in series, more animals are introduced with a close-up photo and kids are asked to guess if they are seeing…um...err… the bottom or the top. The answer is revealed on the next page with a complete photo and factual detail about the animal and how it might use some camouflage or other trickery to engage with its habitat. 

Readers will learn about animals like the alien butt spider whose backsides look like a pair of eyes or the saiga antelope whose nose actually moves like an elephant's trunk!

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