Team Unihorn and Woolly #1: Attack of the Krill

Team Unihorn and Woolly #1: Attack of the Krill

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A woolly mammoth—the last of his kind—longs to join Team Unihorn, the new superhero group in town. This is the first installment of a funny, action-packed graphic novel chapter book series for enthusiasts of Dog Man and Catstronauts.  

In this goofy, fun superhero series, a group of best friends-turned-unlikely heroes must use their newfound powers to defend their home from quirky villains.

Life on Burlap Beach is peaceful, until two very odd things happen on the same day: an iceberg containing the last woolly mammoth washes ashore, and a group of one-horned friends get too close to the super-rare blood moon, and wake up with superpowers!

Now Shu the grumpy horseshoe crab can fly, Raina the rhino has superspeed, and Nigel the narwhal’s natural sonar is amplified into x-ray vision. Poor Woolly is the odd one out, as the newbie with TWO tusks and ZERO powers. Luckily, Woolly has big brains to match his big frame.

But Team Unihorn are not the only ones affected by the eclipse....

When a swarm of prehistoric krill threaten to devour the boardwalk, it's up to Team Unihorn --and Woolly--to save the day.

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