It's Tough to Be Tiny: The Secret Life of Small Creatures

It's Tough to Be Tiny: The Secret Life of Small Creatures

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Step inside the marvelous world of micro monsters and learn all about the hidden talents of some of the smallest creatures out there!

"An appealing reminder that mighty things come in small packages."
—Kirkus Reviews

“Compelling material and an energetic tone will draw readers in. This illustrated celebration of small but mighty and sometimes ferocious creatures is recommended for general purchase.” —School Library Journal

Being tiny is tough! You can’t reach the highest shelf where the cookie jar sits, and the big kids always steal your lunchtime snacks. Don’t get me started on going to theme parks, you can never get on the rides and you’re always told to have an adult present for everything you do. But what if I told you that being small didn’t suck at all? But was in fact really, really cool.

Focus your eyes on the world of micro animals and learn what it's like to be so small. Discover how these tiny creatures stay safe, or hunt for their lunch. Zoom in on their superpowers, like having the ability to shoot microscopic darts, spring-loaded jumps which take them to incredible heights or the amazing ways in which tiny hunters defend themselves from much bigger creatures. Maybe it's not so tough to be tiny after all!
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