Educator Benefits Program

The Paper June Educator Benefits Program offers Pre-K through Grade 12 educators and homeschoolers a 20% discount off the publisher's list price on books for the classroom. Enrollment in the Educator Program is free to all who are eligible.  No purchase is necessary.

To enroll in the Educator Benefits Program, please complete the form at the link below.
Enrollment Form

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be employed by an accredited pre-K-12 public, private, or parochial school. Those eligible include teachers, guidance counselors, principals, and reading coaches. (Substitute, student, and retired teachers are not eligible.)
  • Buy books that are suitable for use in the classroom or with the student population.
  • Provide a valid or institutional photo ID and email address from the school you work for when enrolling in the program. If the school ID or other proof of employment provided does not contain a photo, a valid government-issued ID will be required in addition.
  • Homeschooling parents are eligible by providing a photo ID and a letter with the following information:

       -  Family name and address

       -  Name of homeschooling parent(s)

       -  Grade level of each child being homeschooled

The Educator Benefits discount can be used at the Paper June store online at  The Educator Benefits discount cannot be used on the Paper June Book Fairs website,

Please note: A valid ID must be presented when applying your Educator Benefits discount to purchases made in-store.

Using Your Educator Discount

After you've completed enrollment in the Educator Benefits Program, you’ll receive an email with you discount code. You can begin using the Educatore Benefits discount immediately on eligible purchases made in the store and online.

To use your Educator Discount online, you can apply it while placing your order. Just add your discount code in the “gift card or discount code” section of the checkout page before submitting your order.

To use your Educator Benefit Discount in store, simply present your Educator Discount card and a valid School ID to your cashier.


Discount is not available on non-book items or gift cards. The Educator discount cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts, and it cannot be used on the Paper June Book Fairs website.

Purchases made by individuals using the Educator account are not tax-exempt. Teachers purchasing items for the school to be reimbursed later, see below.)

Purchases made by schools and not-for-profit organizations will be processed with an Institutional discount and will receive tax exemption when accompanied by a purchase order and tax identification number. If a purchase order is unavailable, the teacher must have a letter from the school stating supplies are for school purposes and payment will be reimbursed.

A valid ID must be presented when applying your Educator discount to purchases made in-store. A specialized discount code will be issues for online purchases. This code will be associated with the email address provided on the sign-up form. 

Please note: Librarians, schools or districts can received discounts for purchases, as well. Please contact for more information. 


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