Our Story

About Us

Paper June is a children’s book and creativity shop on a mission to help kids nurture and explore their creativity through reading, writing, art and play.

Founded by a Topeka mom, each item sold at Paper June is hand-selected for preschool- and elementary-age kids. We aim to find books not likely found at big box shops, providing unique story times for kids and their loved ones. And because we think great stories make great experiences, Paper June hosts fun events that bring in musicians, artists and authors.

A big believer in playtime, Paper June also sells non-electronic toys, free from screens and blinking lights, that help stimulate brain development and imagination (and are super fun to play with, too!).

You can shop Paper June products in the NOTO Arts District next to Wheel Barrel. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn about the latest items on our shelves!


Meet Angie

Angie Grau is the founder of Paper June. A lover of reading and writing stories, she was inspired to create Paper June by her mother and her daughter.

Some of Angie’s best childhood memories were made in her mother’s lap reading stories. When Angie’s daughter, Charlotte, was born, Angie continued the tradition, and even wrote some of her own original stories especially for Charlotte.

Just as Angie loved art as a kid, as Charlotte grew older, Angie saw that she also had a creative streak and sought every opportunity she could to help Charlotte nurture her inner artist. Through Paper June, she hopes to create more ways for kids to express themselves and explore new creative interests.

Angie and her husband, Shane, live in Topeka with their three story-loving children, Charlotte (Charli), Henry (Hank) and William (Baby Yum).

The Story Behind Our Logo

Does our logo remind you of origami? That’s because it is! Paper symbolizes books, the core of Paper June.

The other elements of our logo design honor Angie’s mother. She, along with Angie’s mother-in-law, loved hummingbirds, and her middle name was June. The color purple represents her fight against pancreatic cancer.

Angie’s mother’s love of stories lives on through Paper June and the smiles it hopes to bring to kids and their loved ones.